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I have spoken at Google in San Francisco, the Edinburgh International Book Festival and at dozens of literary festivals, science events, conferences and schools across Europe, the US and Asia. 

I also commentate on issues surrounding science, politics, feminism and religion. I've appeared as a guest on Radio 4's TodayStart the Week, A Good Read, Front Row, and I write comment and features for New Humanist and the Guardian. I have been on the editorial board of the journal Feminist Dissent since 2016.

For those who want to better understand how the media works, I have given training and lectures at Imperial College London, City University, The Royal Literary Fund and Guardian Masterclasses.

Where To Find Me Next

16th August 2017
Edinburgh International Book Festival: Discussing Inferior with Mark O'Connell in the Garden Theatre at 12.30pm. Tickets will be available on the festival website.

15th July 2017
Ways with Words Festival at Darlington Hall: Talking about Inferior at 11.45am in The Barn. Tickets are available online.

11th July 2017
Wellcome Genome Campus: A talk on the importance of researchers connecting with the media and diversity in science, as part of the Connecting Science programme. By invitation only.

25th May 2017
Bristol Festival of Ideas: A discussion about the new book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong - and the New Research That's Rewriting the Story. Starts at 6.30pm at The Watershed, Bristol. Tickets will be available on the festival website

23rd April 2017
Bare Lit Festival: A panel discussion on technical writing from 11.45am at Toynbee Studios in east London.

22nd April 2017
London's March for Science: As scientific facts come under attack, this march is an attempt to assert the value of good, reliable evidence. Speaking on diversity and sexism. It starts at 11am at the Science Museum and ends in Parliament Square.

16th November 2016
Royal Academy of Engineering: Chairing an event with the MacRobert Award winners, starting at 6pm. Details are available on the academy's website.

18th September 2016
FutureFest: Compering the debate stage on the second day in a weekend of talks and experiences, organised by Nesta, in Tobacco Dock in east London. Tickets are available on the FutureFest website, with discounts for students.

18th May 2016
The Royal Institution: Chairing a talk on epigenetic inheritance with Cambridge geneticist, Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith. The event starts at 7pm and tickets are available through the Royal Institution
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